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Category: cordova

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pdf0 Magnesium levels and dynamometric parameters in relation with postoperative fatigue HOT


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pdf1 Relation between postoperative fatigue and serum calcium HOT


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pdf2 Ultrafiltrable magnesium: simple quantitative measurement by two rapid methods HOT


Cordova A., Perez-Gallardo L.

Mag Bull. 15, 47-49, 1993

pdf3 Evaluation of magnesium intake in elite sportsmen HOT


Cordova A., Navas F. J., Gomez-Carraminana M., Rodruigez H.

Mag Bull. 16, 59-63, 1994

pdf4 Changes on erythrocytic and serum magnesium in streptozotocin-diabetic rats after maximal exercise HOT


Cordova A., Navas F. J

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pdf5 Serum magnesium and immune parameters after maximal exercise in sportsmen. Are they related? HOT


Cordova A., Alvarez-Mon M.

Mag Bull. 18, 66-70, 1996