The Society for Magnesium Research e.V. was founded in 1977. It is an association of scientists from various research disciplines, such as: biology, chemistry, nutritional science, agriculture, clinical research.

The Society is represented according tofoundation agreement by the board consisting of the President, the Vice President and the Secretary / Treasurer.


Current Board

  • President: Prof. Dr. med Oliver Micke, Bielefeld.
  • Vice-President: Prof. Dr. med Klaus Kisters, Herne.
  • Secretary / Treasurer: Dr. oec. troph. Anton Kraus, Tutzing.


The aims of the Society are

  • to promote communication between scientists from basic research, applied sciences and practitioners
  • to promote scientific exchange of ideas
  • joining the magnesium research scientists


To achieve these objectives scientific events are held regularly.

At present, research projects of young scientists may be funded by the Society (find out more in our fact sheet on funding). 


Since 1979, the Society for Magnesium Research eV published Magnesium-Bulletin as the first scientific journal oriented on magnesium research. The publications from 1979 until the last issue of the journal published in 2000 can be found here.

Currently, the official journal of the Society for Magnesium Research e.V. is Trace Elements and Electrolytes.


For further information, you can download the flyer of the Society for Magnesium Research e.V. provided here.