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Category: Zorbas Y. G.

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pdf0 Endogenous parathyroid hormone and renal excretion of magnesium in endurence trained volunteers during prolonged restriction of muscular activity HOT


Zorbas Y. G., Federenko Y., F., Saito C., N.
Mag-Bull. 16, 104-112, 1994b

pdf1 Renal excretion of magnesium in rats subjected to prolonged restriction of motor activity and magnesium supplementation HOT


Zorbas Y. G., Federenko Y., F., Naexu K. A.
Mag Bull. 16, 64-70, 1994a

pdf2 Serum, urinary and faecal magnesium changes of endurance trained athletes during periodic and continuous hypokinesia HOT


Zorbas Y. G., Charapakhin K. P., Afonin V. B., Yarullin V. L., Kakurin V. J., Denogradov S. D.
Mag-Bull. 21, 1-8, 1999