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Category: Nguyen-Duong H.

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pdf0 The use of magnesium as an adjuvant to synthetic calcium antagonists for prophylaxis and therapy of coronary diseases HOT


Nguyen Duong H.

Mag-Bull. 11, 159-165, 1989

pdf1 Experimentelle Studie über die Wirkung von Magnesium auf isolierte Blutgefäße und ihre therapeutischen Aspekte HOT


Nguyen-Duong H., Brecht K.

Mag-Bull. 2, 80-83, 1980

pdf2 Mechanism of contractions induced by ergometrine in isolated porcine coronary arteries: Role of magnesium ions as the physiologic calcium-antagonists HOT


Nguyen-Duong H.

Mag-Bull. 7, 70-78, 1985