Büntzel J1, Kisters K2, Mücke R3, Micke O3

1 HNO-Klinik am Südharz-Klinikum Nordhausen
2 Medizinische Klinik, St. Anna Hospital Herne
3 AK Trace Elements and Electrolytes in Oncology

Objective: Is there a correlation between the serum magnesium concentration and an acute hearing loss, e.g. insufficiency of the hearing organ?

Material and methods: Between 2-2015 and 8-2015 we have evaluated the sudden hearing loss of 13 patients (6 male, 13 female, median age 65.9 years, range 29-88). We have analyzed this hearing loss related to the serum magnesium level of the patients before therapy. The hearing loss per frequency was measured as bone gap difference between both ears. The functional loss of the Corti organ was calculated by the table of Röser 1973.

Results: The acute hearing loss of our patients was 37.9 +/- 32.2 dB at 500 Hz, 37.9 +/- 38.8 dB at 1.000 Hz, 32.1 +/- 37.3 dB at 2.000 Hz, and 33.4 +/- 39.5 dB at 4.000 Hz. The hearing loss resulted in a functional loss of 38.8 % (+/- 35.4). The serum-magnesium level was 0.88 +/- 0.05 mmol/l. We have not seen any correlation between hearing loss and serum-magneium at this point of analysis.

Conclusion: After developing the method we have to fill the data pool in order to get valid data for calculating potential correlations between sudden hearing loss and serum-magnesium.