Rylander R
BioFact Environmental Health Research Center, Lerum, Sweden

Several studies have reported that women who have developed pre-eclampsia during pregnancy have a greater risk of cardio-vascular disease later during life. Different kinds of organ damage in connection with pre-eclampsia have been examined to find an explanation for this relationship. An alternative to this traditional approach could be to attribute both the development of pre-eclampsia and cardiovascular disease later in life to a common factor in terms of a nutrition, poor in magnesium. Many studies have demonstrated that pregnant women have a low intake of Mg in their food. There are also several studies demonstrating an increased risk of cardio-vascular disease among those with a low intake of Mg. Should this hypothesis be correct, women with pre-eclampsia should be given nutritional information regarding the importance of magnesium to diminish their risk of cardio-vascular disease later during the life.