Adamietz I, Kisters K, Gröber U
Strahlentherapie Marienhospital Herne, Ruhruniversität Bochum, St. Elisabeth-Gruppe Ruhr, Germany

The importance of intact magnesium and calcium concentrations in radiation oncology has been of growing interest in recent years. In addition changes in electrolyte metabolism are described in the pathophysiology of carcinogenesis. With regard to cytoprotection, inflammation and vessel wall properties with intima media thickening especially calcium and/or magnesium concentrations are of special interest. Recent papers in arteriosclerosis or in hypertension describe significantly increased calcium/magnesium ratios leading to vascular damage and/or inflammation processes.

In this context 35 radiation oncology patients were studied concerning magnesium, calcium and calcium/magnesium ratio under treatment due to different cancer diseases. Measurements were performed by Nova Phox M apparatus measuring ionic calcium and magnesium concentrations.

In 34 of these patients the calcium/magnesium ratio was found statistically significantly increased as compared to a control group (p< 0.01). 9 of 35 patients (about 26%) showed significantly increased calcium concentrations exceeding the normal range (p< 0.01).

In conclusion the data presented here show alterd calcoim and/or magnesium concentrations and a significantly increased calcium/magnesium ratio in radiation oncology patients. The clinical outcome is discussed.